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xblood_swordx's Journal

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This journal is an RP journal for ergheiz_etic. The character is copyrighted to KONAMI and I don't own him. Oh well.

This character is played by: deis_irae

Name: Hervey "the Furious"

Age: 25

Height: 170 cm

Status: none of yer damned business!

Occupation: Student

Weapon(s): Long Sword - Blood Sword

Rune(s): Fire Rune

Appearance: Unruly chin-length dark brown hair, michievous green eyes, scar on his upper right cheek. Wears whatever's comfortable.

Personality: A bit hot-headed and a daredevil which probably places him in situations that can endanger his life (or those around him). He's definitely more casual to others than kind. In other words, kindness isn't really something he'll give randomly to strangers unless it benefits him. He considers himself a simple man despite his reputation as a thrill seeker. Though he tries hard to be the great pirate he claims to be, he sometimes only passes of as a dork. He's reasonably social able and likes to be independent unless Kika has specific orders.

History: Self proclaimed Hervey "the furious", is a member of the notorious pirate group of the Island Nations led by a woman named Kika, Captain of the Grishend and mistress of the Pirate's Nest. He is Sigurd's best friend and Kika's right hand man on the Grishend. He was saved by Kika after his ship was destroyed in a vicious battle. Due to that, he became devoted to her; even as he had misgivings about her decision for him to be separated from the ship during the operations against the Kooluk Army.

There is also a scar on his right cheek; the last trace of the injuries he acquired after the explosion that resulted when he participated in trying to track down the notorious Pirate called Steele (who carried the Rune of Punishment at that point) and rid the seas of the evil man forever. That same encounter also leads to the loss of Kika's lover, Edgar (also the original leader of the pirates) and Kyril's Father, Walter (The father of the main character for Suikoden Rhapsodia). *skipping on the part that the Father actually turned into a big fish with legs*

Room: Luminaire Sanctuary 104G
Roommate: Yuber
Suitemate: Cassandra Alexandra

Administrative Justice: Criminal Law
Astronomy : Navigation of the Stars
Behavioural Sciences: Human Sexuality 102
Black Magic: Forbidden Magic 101: How To's and What Not's
Cooking 102: Fancy Meals
Fighting Skills 101