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29th-Nov-2007 10:11 pm - Log 11: RE- Funny clothes
hervey ergh
Whaa...? ... Uniforms... I don't think I want to wear those... They look so prim n' proper... and...


30th-Oct-2007 04:30 am - Log 10: Funny clothes
hervey yay!
HEY! Whoa! I saw all the stuff over at the park. They have games! GAMES!!! C'MON FEARLESS (formerly) LEADER! Let's go join in on the celebratin'! Should invite that roommie of yours and his buddies. Oh, you too Yubbie. Let's see how many of yer girlfriends we can bump into. :D
1st-Jun-2007 12:53 am - Log 09: The ladies
Not one to usually complain about these things but where the heck are they lately? It's summer and all dammit!
30th-Apr-2007 09:08 am - Log 08: ♥~
hervey yay!
Well, that was fun!
9th-Mar-2007 09:57 pm - Log 07: ...... damn
Man... I thought it'd get better as time went on, but Human Sexuality as a class is pretty damned boring. What's so hard to figure out about it?

If ya gotta do it, ya gotta do it.
11th-Feb-2007 11:59 am - Log 06: Let there be light!!
hervey yay!
WOO! Finally! We can heat up our food now~

I heard Cass left though. That's a bit of a bummer. Hey Yubbie, you didn't do anything rude did you?

Seriously though... I was kinda getting used to open fires and that shit again. Makes me miss the Grishend juuuuust a little.

[ooc: to where he's been doing these open fires... god only knows.]
16th-Jan-2007 08:22 pm - Log 05: OI!!
hervey yay!
Yubari! Where the heck are you? I'm getting bored.

If you're out with ladies again............ INTRODUCE ME YOU PLAYER!!!
12th-Jan-2007 03:13 am - Log 04: eh?
hervey default
That was a boring break. Went back to see how things were with the Grishend but seems like things have been slow there too.

It needs to snow more. And what the heck was that sound earlier? It sounded almost like a rune cannon.
5th-Dec-2006 12:28 am - Log 03: erk!
hervey default
............... bloody hell.. Exams?! ... didn't read that part in the pamphlet...
15th-Nov-2006 12:07 am - Log 02: My roommate's ill
He's been in a good mood. It's good, but he won't seem to direct it to his gal. He's been nice, and he keeps smiriking, and he agrees to stuff. He even ate that cookie I brought back from the cafeteria.

Either something good has happened or he's just made drinking buddies with Graham Cray. Damned crazies

Ergh... that thought is rather scary. Anyway, makes me wonder what's going on. And is it just me or is it getting chillier lately?
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